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Culture Chanel- The Breathe, Move, Love ,Dream and Invent of Gabrielle Chanel !

Culture Chanel exhibition,stared in Shanghai early 2011 ,  Beijing last November,and  make its third China exhibition at Guangzhou’s Zaha Hadid-designed opera house.

Running from January 16 through March 3, Culture Chanel is again curated by Jean-Louis Froment, and in partnership with the Guangdong Museum of Art, includes around 400 pieces showing the brand’s history and the centerpiece for the Guangzhou show is Pablo Picasso’s backdrop for the 1924 ballet “Le Train Bleu,” on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Additional items on show for the first time in China include works by Amadeo Modigliani ,drawings by Picasso and one of my favorite artist Jean Cocteau !!

This Pablo Picasso’s backdrop for the 1924 ballet “Le Train Bleu,”  perfectly installed at the experimental theater of the Guangzhou’s opera house . Gabrielle Chanel created the costumes for the ballet “Le Train Bleu,” in  1924

In 1930 , Gabrielle Chanel Launched Le 1940 series , a trilogy of unusual perfumes : Beige , Rouge,and  Bleu de Chanel .Ten years before its name bears, perfectly illustrated the designer’s vision . ‘a great fashion designer is one with a foward-looking mind ‘

I was obsessed with the beautiful shadows in this exhibition !

Picnic basket from 2010 s/s rtw collection : Gabrielle Chanel love open air and sunlight ,  freedom of  movement for modern women


Karl Lagerfeld drew inspiration from the achieve and this beret appeared in 1988 spring /summer RTW collection

In 1913 , Gabrielle Chanel opened a fashion boutique in Deauville , an elegant seaside town in Normandy, northwest of Paris.She sold a new style of clothing , inspired by sailor’s wardrobe !

blue silk chiffon dress , 2012 Paris – Bombay “métiers d art collection

Part of the exhibition installations are covering the windows in BLUE tone  !!

By 1921  Gabrielle Chanel already had a sports workshop in her HOUSE FASHION ,with a model for specifically for fitting , Tennis rackets and balls have been seen intermittently throughout the collection as essentials in the wardrobe of an athletic women today


My object of desire : two-tone rubber boots , 2008 F/W collection

Love this photo and the look of  Gabrielle Chanel salmon fishing 1926-1928

Door of Mademoiselle Chanel’s studio -enter to the creative world of Chanel !

Drawing of  Gabrielle Chanel  by Jean Cocteau 1933

more info of Culture Chanel  exhibition - http://culture.chanel.cn/en/index.php


Short film “Mirror Mirror” created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup

Bold, innovative and unexpected… CHANEL MAKEUP CONFIDENTIAL (http://www.chanel-makeup-confidential.com/), the digital magazine that reveals the creative and sometimes off-beat world of CHANEL makeup in each edition, is delivering its latest innovation with a short film “Mirror Mirror” created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup. The mirror face, in composition of pieces of crystals and mirrors, complimented different lipstick shades creates a sparkling, hypnotizing effect.


Interview of Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Make up

1. After <Here comes the Beauty Pack> and <Shade Parade> what was your inspiration for this video? What message did you wish to express?

Various elements came into account in the realization of this film. I wanted to do a film, a teaser, to announce the coming lipstick event that CHANEL is doing around our Rouge Allure line. I also was very inspired by the Paris Bombay Show that we did last December.

2. The usage of a mask often occurs in your work, why the use of the mirror effect? What is the hidden message?

There is no hidden message behind this makeup. I was mainly inspired by an editorial makeup I did a few years ago. It was a composition of pieces of crystals and mirrors that I applied on a girl’s face. We did some amazing pictures, but I always felt a bit frustrated that we never captured this makeup in movement. I loved the sparkling, hypnotizing effect, which, unfortunately, you partially loose in a still image. When the idea of doing a film around the lipsticks and Paris Bombay started growing in my head, I actually found a platform to recreate this mirror face. The concept complimented the shades and the hypnotizing, psychedelic aspect fitted well with the Indian theme.

3. How were these masks created?

The “mirror look” isn’t an actual mask. The pieces of crystals and mirrors are individually applied onto the face. The composition is created around the central mirror that’s applied on the forehead as a third eye, surrounded by a peacock-tail motive. The whole face is covered with pieces of crystals and mirrors to create a mesmerizing effect. The only touch of color is the changing lip shades. The application of the crystals and mirrors took a good 4 hours.

4. What makeup products were used for this shooting to enhance the eyes and the mouth?

I kept the eyes almost naked. I only curled the lashes, applied Ombre Essentielle #Ivory and our #Clair khol liner on the eyes, and that’s it. On the lips I applied 5 different, new shades of Rouge Allure lipstick: #Pimpante, #Excentrique, #Enjouée, #Exaltée, #Palpitante.

5. Any interesting anecdotes on the shooting?

The brightest sparkle of this shooting, was our model, Inguna. She was truly amazing, her beauty and patience made it for the whole team an even better experience.

6. Who is the model?

Inguna Butane.


Chanel exhibition “The little black jacket” opened in Tokyo -features 113 celebrities and fashion personalities

CHANEL officially opened the exhibition The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld,  at the heart of Tokyo’s coolest shopping district - Tokyo’s G-building in Aoyama, a celebration of the iconic little black jacket !

What can you do with “the little black jacket ?” Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld did the magic with iconic images and magical styling and  for 113 celebrities and other personalities !!   Karl set up camp in his Paris photographic studio, where with the help of Carine , they shot the 113 portraits over only six days (some time between designing and showing his annual output of twelve collections) 

Joining Karl Lagerfeld, guests included actress Kiko Mizuhara, architect Junya Ishigami, models Saskia de Brauw, Stella Tenant, Saki Asamiya and Rina Ota, artists Yi Zhou, Ellie and Asami Kiyokama, jewellery designer Harumi De Rola, CHANEL ambassadors Vanessa Paradis, Alice Dellal, Zhou Xun and Gaspard Ulliel and actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Clémence Poésy and Astrid Bergès- Frisbey.And I can’t wait for this exhibition coming to Hong Kong in the middle of this year !! Will Karl and Carine come to Hong Kong too ??  I will keep you updated !! 

Features 113 celebrities and fashion personalities wearing Chanel’s iconic little black jacket with Carine Roitfeld’s styling .

Free posters for visitors  to take -a -way ,  more like an art  installation  , it require  the viewer’s  participation .

The book cover is Carine as Coco herself, resplendent in pearls, Verdura cuffs and tweed boater and brandishing Coco’s little gold scissors.

The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, will be available in bookstores beginning autumn 2012.
The Exhibition runs from March 24th to April 15th

Tokyo’s G-building in Aoyama
11AM-7PM from Monday to Friday
11AM-8PM Saturday and Sunday
Free entrance

The Chanel Chain Reaction -Chanel 2011/12 Autumn-Winter Prestige Eyewear collection


Each season a different element of the Chanel iconography is highlighted and featured on the eyewear. In the past, eyewear collections have been inspired by quilting, pearls, camellias, buttons and ears of wheat. For this Chanel 2011/12 Autumn-Winter Prestige Eyewear collection does not disappoint, this collection  is focusing on the interlaced leather chain from the Chanel Classic 2.55 bag.

Both the optical and sunglasses feature the interlaced leather chain along the temples. There are several styles available in different shapes like cat’s eye, aviator, square oversize and butterflies. The “old metal” frames come in shades of silver, pale gold and black as well as, for the acetate models, muted new colors like light‐grey, wine, taupe and blue.


The ad campaign features long-time Karl Lagerfeld muse and Chanel model Claudia Schiffer. The campaign is shot in black and white and features Schiffer in the Chanel Prestige Eyewear collection and camellias in her hair.

The campaign is beautifully shot. I love the simplicity of the black and white photographs, Schiffer’s chiseled features and the way the frames look on her.

The Chanel 2011/12 Autumn-Winter Prestige Eyewear Collection has something for everyone – graceful, feminine frames and larger, edgier styles recalling biker chic. Whatever your style, there is something for you in this collection. My favorite is the aviator style. Which are your favorite?


Culture Chanel-an exhibition about passion and creation !

The 2nd time in Shanghai this year 2011 for me ,will shanghai be the new Paris (again)??

I went to the preview  of the Culture Chanel exhibition at the MOCA Shanghai ,and interviewed the curator Jean-louis Froment .

In this exhibition you will see how Gabrielle Chanel constructed her extended family with all her artists friends/lovers. Also a deeper level of understanding with her designs/creation’s origin !!

“Chanel’s time would never have existed without the parisian artistic brilliance in which gabrielle Chanel lived. Painters, musicians, poets, choreographers, photographers and filmmakers were all part of her life sharing the same creative spirit. very early on, she understood the highly demanding nature of artists, their tenacity to give form to their thought and above all, to challenge time: to produce a body of work around one’s difference.

The 5 themes of this exhibition – origin, abstraction, invisibility, liberty and imaginary – go deeply into the historical background of the values of Chanel, striking a chord with the fundamentals of the life story of its creator, gabrielle Chanel.”

Chanel haute couture collection A/W 1990

Lady Diana Cooper dressed by Gabrielle Chanel 1926

these austere, strong and dignified women, theatrically dressed in black with only a white collar or ruff, knew how to take power in the period in which they lived. among them, Catherine de’medici who is referred to in a text by mademoiselle Chanel and whose double “C” coat of arms disturbingly evokes a reference to the monogram of Chanel.

Misia Sert -Before becoming the Gabrielle Chanel’s life-long friend Misia was the artist’s muse , it was Misia opened up the doors of artistic Paris to Gabrielle Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel hand print

Pierre Reverdy-Poct linked to the Dadaists and then the Surrealist , a relationship of complexity between him and Gabrielle Chanel,both were orphans ,made up of passion and mysticism that never failed throughout their lives.

Chanel No5 perfume ,1921

Line is the aesthetic link the artist Mondrian’s works  and Gabrielle Chanel’s designs

After party at MOCA shanghai

The Curator-Jean-louis Froment

Anna Mouglalis

Culture Chanel

Jan 15, 2011 – Mar 14, 2011

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (Shanghai, China)

From Gossip Girl to Chanel Girl !!

Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Blake Lively(Gossip Girl) , a rising star on the American movie scene, as the official face of the “MADEMOISELLE” handbag line. Her spontaneity and fresh, youthful image have convinced CHANEL that she is the right person to represent the house and this range of bags. The launch of the “MADEMOISELLE” campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, is scheduled for mid-March 2011.

Chanel Brings Ines de la Fressange Back – to my blog !!

photo by kary kwok 2009

Inès de la Fressange, the face of Chanel in the Eighties, will be back on the runway for the French brand at its show on Oct. 5, WWD has learned.

What’s more, Karl Lagerfeld has booked her to appear in Chanel’s spring/summer campaign, I can’t wait to see this campaign ,specially  the 3 generation of beauty together ,along with modeling greats from the two subsequent decades, Stella Tennant and Freja Beha Erichsen.

“She is beyond stunning,” Lagerfeld enthused about De la Fressange. “Also, she is the Parisienne.” Lagerfeld said the advertising shoot would take place in the south of France.

De la Fressange parted ways with Chanel in 1989 after a fracas over her lending her likeness to the French republic. Lagerfeld declared:”I don’t want to dress a monument, it is so vulgar!”  But Lagerfeld and his former muse have recently enjoyed warm relations.

Ines de la Fressange and Bruno Frisoni,creative director of Roger Vivier  photo by kary kwok 2009
Ines de la Fressange is Roger Vivier’s brand ambassador.