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The second movie directed by Madonna-W.E. !! focus on the famous fable of love between Edward the VIII and Wallis Spencer Simpson

W.E. the second movie directed by Madonna, who is also writing the screenplay with Alex Keshishian. Pop’s uber-star this time focuses right on the controversial and famous fable of love between Edward the VIII and Wallis Spencer Simpson, a determined American socialite, divorced and apparently a Nazi fan, that during the 30s put the whole British monarchy institution in crisis.

James D’Arcy is Edward VIII, while Abbie Cornish, known for Bright Star, will be the contemporary character of a woman obsessed with the role and the myth of Wallis.

Cecil Beaton, in fact, wrote in his diary  about Wallis Spencer Simpson on November 1936: “Listening to her talk was simply enough. Her voice was hoarse and terrifying. I found her horrible, common, vulgar, loud, a second class American without charm. Now she’s everything that’s elegant. The whole London social herd follows her like a lover and possible wife of the King… I’m sure that she already has more glamour and is more interesting than any other public figure.” now that’s a good story for a movie already !!

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