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Hometown Baiduyoo by DU Yanfang photography exhibition at H.T. Gallery

Du Yanfang – a young photographers from China.His works reframing of the relationship between the body and space (past and present ),  and the hybridization of photography and painting  leads the medium of photography into an expanded field.!

Artist Bio

DU Yanfang

1978 Born in Sichuan, China
2000 BFA, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
2002 MFA, China Academy of Art At
Currently teaches at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Solo Exhibition

2009 “He Jian’s New Works” Joey Chang Art Gallery, Beijing
2006 “He Jian’s solo” Weibang Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 “Living in the World” Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing / Singapore

Group Exhibition

2008 “Water and Color: Contemporary Ink Art Show” Today Art Museum, Beijing
“Revealing Expectations” Ogilvy O Gallery, Beijing
2008 “Post Traditional” ART+Gallery, Shanghai
2007 “Word of Mouth from the Four Corners: The 3rd Guiyang Biennial” Guizhou,   China
2006 “Spring Review” Ogilvy O Gallery, Beijing
“The Self-made Generation: A Retrospective of New Chinese Painting” Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
2004 “Each Other: Contemporary Art Exhibition” les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France
“Ideal of New Generation: Chinese New Generation Artist Award Exhibition”
He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
2002 “Models-Paintings on the Frame” The 1st Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu
Contemporary Art Museum
“Inauguration Exhibition of Chongqing Art Museum” Chongqing, China
2001 “Chongqing Chillis” Kulturbahnhof, Kassel, Germany
“Huang Binhong Prize for New Sprouts of Chinese Painting” Institute of
Traditional Chinese Painting, Beijing
1999 “Renew China: New Look of Chinese Painting from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute”
Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore

About HT Gallery

Initially established in Beijing 798 District, HT Gallery is launching in this bustling city. The gallery is located in Mei Lun Street, on the leafy steps between Hollywood Road and Gofu Street.

It aims at organizing exhibitions by esteemed artists and discovering emerging young talents.

As the curator of the Beijing O gallery of Ogilvy & Mather since 2005, HT Gallery’s director, Han Tsung Woo, dedicates his work into looking for new innovative artists and at the same time contemporary works using traditional Chinese materials.

He endeavors to present works that lasts in the development of the Chinese art field.


5, Mee Lun Street
Central, Hong Kong
tel: +852 9861 2518     fax: +852 2562 2261

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sat:  11:00 – 20:00
Others: By Appointment

Dead Can Dance is back after 16 years !!

Dead Can Dance will release their new album ‘Anastasis’ after 16 years !!

On the cover of ‘Anastasia’, Dead Can Dance’s first album in 16 years: a field of sunflowers, ripened, and then blackened, by the sun, standing with sad, slightly crowned heads. Lessdead than dormant, the heads and stems will one day be chopped, but then via the roots, will return. For ‘Anastasis’ is the Greek word for ‘resurrection’ and the seemingly dead will dance again commercial jumping castles.

Signed by 4AD and releasing their first album in 1984, the duo drew rapturous reviews for albums that spanned neo-classical and folk across time and geography, each album selling to a progressively larger audience, the emotional drama of their coming to the attention of the San Francisco ballet, Hermes Perfume and a documentary on Hitler and Stalin; likewise motion pictures such as Heat, The Crossing Guard and Baraka. Gerrard developed her own solo film soundtracks – The Gladiator and The Insider, for example – while Perry worked on solo albums such as 1999′s ‘Eye Of the Hunter’ and 2008′s ‘Ark’. The pair dissolved their physical relationship in the early ‘ 90s but something keeps them together – a bond of deep friendship and musical compatibility and understanding, and so Anastasis is born, and Dead Can Dance regenerated.


‘Anastasis’ is perfectly apt given how the album is an astonishing regeneration of the legendary beauty,power and spellbinding nature of the duo’s unique sound and vision. Age hasn’t withered DCD, not the passing of the years; if anything, the album sounds bolder, stronger, more confident in its vision..

The band, who embark on a world tour in August, have confirmed a show at the Royal Albert Hall on 26th October. Tickets for the show sold-out within 48 hours of going on sale.

For pre-order and more info

Chanel exhibition “The little black jacket” opened in Tokyo -features 113 celebrities and fashion personalities

CHANEL officially opened the exhibition The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld,  at the heart of Tokyo’s coolest shopping district - Tokyo’s G-building in Aoyama, a celebration of the iconic little black jacket !

What can you do with “the little black jacket ?” Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld did the magic with iconic images and magical styling and  for 113 celebrities and other personalities !!   Karl set up camp in his Paris photographic studio, where with the help of Carine , they shot the 113 portraits over only six days (some time between designing and showing his annual output of twelve collections) 

Joining Karl Lagerfeld, guests included actress Kiko Mizuhara, architect Junya Ishigami, models Saskia de Brauw, Stella Tenant, Saki Asamiya and Rina Ota, artists Yi Zhou, Ellie and Asami Kiyokama, jewellery designer Harumi De Rola, CHANEL ambassadors Vanessa Paradis, Alice Dellal, Zhou Xun and Gaspard Ulliel and actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Clémence Poésy and Astrid Bergès- Frisbey.And I can’t wait for this exhibition coming to Hong Kong in the middle of this year !! Will Karl and Carine come to Hong Kong too ??  I will keep you updated !! 

Features 113 celebrities and fashion personalities wearing Chanel’s iconic little black jacket with Carine Roitfeld’s styling .

Free posters for visitors  to take -a -way ,  more like an art  installation  , it require  the viewer’s  participation .

The book cover is Carine as Coco herself, resplendent in pearls, Verdura cuffs and tweed boater and brandishing Coco’s little gold scissors.

The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, will be available in bookstores beginning autumn 2012.
The Exhibition runs from March 24th to April 15th

Tokyo’s G-building in Aoyama
11AM-7PM from Monday to Friday
11AM-8PM Saturday and Sunday
Free entrance

Fantastic exhibition of Azzedine Alaïa in the Groninger Museum


The name Alaïa stands for glamour, sensuality, style, cut, self-confidence, comfort and, of course, sex appeal. His tight dresses embrace the bodies of the world’s most seductive and successful women.

Tunisian-born Azzedine Alaïa is one of the most important fashion designers of the last decades and he is one of the last major living couturiers. !!

This exhibition displays the most fantastic Alaïa fashion creations of the last ten years. , curated by Mark Wilson, focuses on Alaïa’s work in the 21st century. It is the sequel to the presentation of his designs from previous decades, also shown at the Groninger Museum in 1997-1998, and which subsequently travelled to the Brant Foundation, Guggenheim Soho  in New York in 2000.

A monograph ‘Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century’ will be published by BAI and the Groninger Museum with an essay by Annie Cohen-Solal and  introduction  by  Mark Wilson.

Azzedine Alaϊa in the 21st century

From 11 December 2011 to 6 May 2012, the Groninger Museum

Moe information on the activities can be found



Video Collaging-Valentina Poletti collaborated with Carolina Amoretti to make a very interesting Graduation project!!

Graduation project

Valentina Poletti based in Berlin, recent graduate of Fashion and Textile Design at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti of Milano, . Besides the conceptual garments and photos she has collaborated with Carolina Amoretti to make a very interesting video collaging together different environments that reflect the concepts of each look.

François Lesage Dies At 82 -Master embroiderer collaborated with designers from Chanel to Balenciaga .

I took photos of Mr Lesage in Shanghai during an interview at the Chanel  Paris -Shanghai collection Jan 2010 , he was so friendly with us and sharing  his vision and art of embroidery.Although he is no longer with us  but his art and passion will be still remain at the House of Lesage !

Pls See below for more story and videos about  the House of Lasage

The house of Lesage was founded in 1924, when Albert Lesage bought the Michonet embroidery workshop. In 1949, his son François took over from him as head of the business. This tireless octogenarian still occupies this place today, to the delight of haute couture designers.

In 2002, Chanel acquired the Lesage workshop. This takeover meant that the embroidery business could develop while preserving its independence.  François Lesage’s list of customers includes Dior as well as Yves Saint-Laurent and Dolce & Gabanna. And to ensure the commercial growth of his business, the master embroiderer has succeeded in combining luxury ready-to-wear with haute couture.

Hundreds of hours of work are needed for each outfit… This irreplaceable expertise resides in the magic fingers of a handful of women: the designers, who reproduce the model on the garment, and the embroiderers.

Creating, but also sharing knowledge: this is the other face of the house of Lesage. The embroidery school, founded in 1992, welcomes students from all over the world. Novices who want to learn how to embroider in a few hours can also attend the prestigious school.

Photo by Kary Kwok 2010 shanghai

Bottega Veneta fashion show music mixed by the music designer Michel Gaubert

Bottega Veneta Adds Music to its Offerings

The special-edition album, consisting of two disks of music selected from past Bottega Veneta runway shows and store playlists, is the fruit of Creative Director Tomas Maier’s collaboration with long-time friend Michel Gaubert. Maier has designed the disks and the jewel case, which feature artwork by photographer Robert Longo.

The album, titled “Intreccio Uno,” is eclectic and open-minded, ranging across genres and sampling different sensibilities while inviting a wide spectrum of personal responses. It includes such artists as French pianist Maxence Cyrin, English indie stars The Heavy, and Norwegian producer Lindstrom, all of whom have captured the imagination of Tomas Maier over the years. “I wanted to mix different kinds of music because that way you’re sure to hear something unfamiliar,” says Maier of the varied mix. “So you dig a little deeper and perhaps you discover a new favorite.”

For Maier, who has often discussed his love of music, the album is a chance to express another facet of Bottega Veneta’s identity. “The music we choose for the shows and the stores is an important piece of Bottega Veneta’s character. It creates a mood, opening a door into a particular collection. When I work with Michel Gaubert before a show, I always fall in love with something I’ve never heard before. I wanted to share that experience.”

“Intreccio Uno” will be available in November. It will be sold in Bottega Veneta stores worldwide and on  HK$330 great for the Xmas gift !!

**But now , you can get a taste of the actual mix  below here , enjoy !!


Latest tracks by bottegaveneta