10 things about me !

IO things about me

1.During my term of Artist in Residence at The Laube Foundation, Salzburg (Austria), I was simply overwhelmed by the strikingly beautiful landscape. But I still managed to join a fashion workshop led by Yoji Yamamoto’s assistant (sorry forgot her name) where I learnt the technique of “draping”.
2.Gained MA degree in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London. That’s how I met the “Brian Eno” at the college entrance.

3.My times with magazines – enjoyed working at Amoeba as fashion editor when Winifred Lai led the team, and revamped Razor Red when I took over as Chief Editor .

4.My first (and only 1 so far) photography book, 109 Women 69 Men and 10 in between, was published in 1999. (Kylie Minogue in my book, are you?)

5.Currently a lecturer at the  Hong Kong University SPACE on fashion styling and image design. All my students are on my Facebook and they inspire me too.

6.God knows how many years of costume design & production I’ve done for theaters about men, women and in between. All for 1 most talented director Mr Edward Lam .

7.Went to London for a 4-month-plan but ended up staying there for 12 years. London loves me but I love Boy George !!

8.Living with a lot of clothing, wigs and platform shoes and totally fascinated by the fur trimming of woman’s coat since the age of 7.

9.Stayed in Tokyo for 2 years, learnt how to make plastic toy earrings, accessories and spent most of my time at Cafe Rope(now closed) in Harajuku.

10.The last woman I photographed was Anna Mouglalis (known for her role as Coco Chanel in the film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky). Soulful eyes and sexy voice !!

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